BLK Design Your Own

Designing your club or school team ware online is easy, instant and fun with our easy-to-follow steps. There's no risk and you can't go wrong. Once you've followed the simple steps you see here, a BLK Representative will contact you for further information.

Step One: Select Your Apparel and Design

Select your apparel and design. Select the particular item of apparel and the design you prefer from the Select BLK Range table on the right. The designs you see here are just a sample of the many designs BLK can provide. Or you may have a design of your own.

Step Two: Fill in the Details

Fill in the rest of the details required in the Select BLK Range table. (If you have an electronic version of your logo as a .jpeg, .gif or .tif file, simply select and upload).

Step Three: Choose Your Colour

Once you've selected your design, click on a colour block and then click on the areas of the shirt you wish to colour.

Step Four: Choose Your Pattern (Optional)

After you've designed your jersey you might want to add a pattern to it. Click on the "Patterns" tab and select a pattern to colour.

Step Five: Save

Save your design.

Step Six: Contact Information

Fill in your contact details and enquiry message.

Step Seven: Send

Simply press send and a BLK Representative will contact you shortly to discuss your enquiry.